Tuesday, April 10, 2007

V - TV

Today’s appearance on “Morning Call” (CNBC, 11 AM eastern) presents an opportunity to discuss the potential for stock selectivity as earnings season kicks off. My argument will center on the unpredictability factor due to the complex nature of the world’s markets and economies. Moreover, given the persistent slide in earnings expectations for the first two quarters of this year, it will be interesting to hear if my fellow guest posits how 2H07 will rescue the near zero growth rates of the first half of this year.

Yesterday’s appearance on Business News Network (formerly ROBTV) should be of interest to some, particularly those in the private client area as I fielded questions from callers on a wide range of subjects. All ETF investment ideas and strategies. Was great fun and always informative when real people pose questions.

Note: The BNN segment is available on the web at
(See 2:35 PM segment.)

Happy viewing.

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