Monday, June 18, 2007

The Skeptic and the Cheerleader

excerpts from this week's report

"Investment styles boil down to whether an investor is a contrarian or a momentum player. Is an investor naturally skeptical and takes with a grain of salt every news story that describes how great things are and will be for the foreseeable future? Or is that investor emboldened to join the party and shout “Booya” with every market advance?..."

"Slow growth developed countries, most notably the US, have been on a high consumption binge with capital flows rushing out the export door at a fairly quick pace. At the other end of the capital flow channel, high growth, slow consumption emerging countries gladly accept the money flows, which they then export that capital right back to the slower growing, higher consumption developed countries in the form of..."

Investment Strategy Implications

"As noted many times before, financial innovation and globalization are two major themes that are altering the economic and financial landscape in an unprecedented manner. And on a scale and scope that dwarfs previous occurrences.

Perhaps all’s well that ends well. Perhaps the concerns..."

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