Monday, October 15, 2007

The Debt Supercycle

excerpts from this week's report:

"While traveling to and from my hedge fund seminars of last week, I had an opportunity to finish reading two Bank Credit Analyst reports – their outlook for 2007 global economy and markets and a recent update (September 2007) titled “An Inflection Point in the Debt Supercycle”.

What is most instructive about the views expressed by BCA is the strong bullish case they make from both an economic and investment perspective. No doubt their thinking is the mainstream mega trend view of many bulls as its optimistic roots lie in the soil of what they call the “Debt Supercycle”.

Here are a few observations on their views as seen from the Debt Supercycle perspective..."

"These “structural forces” have combined with the Debt Supercycle to produce a rotating asset inflation with ever higher asset prices being one of the results.

While acknowledging that various risks exist, most notably..."

Investment Strategy Implications

"The current investment conclusions by BCA are that there is more than ample room for policy makers to produce..."

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