Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Patience, The Lost Virtue

As the alternate universe of derivatives continues their great detoxification unwind, financial assets struggle to comprehend a world in transition to a new financial and economic order. In the process, fixed income markets remain frozen while equity markets lurch from one end of the prospective economic spectrum to the other in near 1.0 correlation.

Investment Strategy Implications

The derivatives tail continues to wag the cash market dog. For traditional investors (those who still believe in things like earnings, P/E ratios, and Discounted Cash Flow models), the only path through this chaotic, cold-turkey transition from an economically juiced, over leveraged, structurally imbalanced world to a less leveraged, more balanced one (e.g., global growth being less dependent on the US consumer) is patience. The alternative is to sell everything and hope that one is smart and quick enough to time their re-entry point.

Investors (in the true sense of the word) will follow the former while traders will choose the latter.

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ryewriter said...

I think the alternative (sell everything) is the better approach. Our currency is going to be under attack because we won't be able to service our debt without devaluation. Holding stocks when the currency is devalued won't be the place to be.