Thursday, March 26, 2009

Minyanville posting: The Cyclical Bull within the Secular Bear

excerpt from this week's posting:
"In today’s 2 major financial print-media outlets, Wall Street Journal and Financial Times, you have a remarkable contrast between the academic versus the street-smart way of understanding the current debate over the Geithner banking plan (PPIP) and the core banking issue: liquidity or solvency. In the process of understanding the debate, investors can gain a better understanding of the cyclical bull within the secular bear that we're currently experiencing.

Both articles are critical of PPIP; one makes its case by accepting the market-efficiency argument, while the other provides an inside-game view of how things actually work in the financial markets - the academic versus the street-smart version, if you will.

In the academic corner, we have Professor Jeffrey Sachs..."

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