Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At the Intersection of Fundamental and Technical Analysis

This evening I have the privilege of moderating a panel discussion for the Market Technicians Association Educational Foundation. My goal is to gain insight into the economy and markets at the intersection of fundamental and technical analysis with my esteemed panel: Robert Barbera, John Mendelson, Jason DeSena Trennert, Louise Yamada, CMT, and Edward Yardeni. Some of the likely questions that I will pose in the Q&A portion of the program that I control as moderator are:

• Will the US economy evolve into a growth period with less reliance on government stimulus programs and more of a self-sustaining, organic nature?

• How will the US jobless rate decline in an environment where the job creation machine of the US economy – small and mid sized businesses – are credit constrained and have limited access to the benefits of a weak US dollar and the global growth story?

• Will the globally oriented companies in the US follow the example of their Japanese counterparts of the lost decade of the 1990s and take advantage of their stronger economic position vis-à-vis the more domestically oriented companies and engage in pricing pressures to gain market share thereby further depressing the economic recovery ability of the smaller, more US centric companies (which thereby further inhibits their ability and willingness to hire)?

• Is the third question noted above the reason why small and micro cap sector have been lagging the market rally of late (thereby producing a price divergence and the prospects of a market correction)?

Tomorrow, I will share with you the answers I receive to these and other questions along with several thoughts and observations.

Until then, if you have any questions you think I should pose to the panel, feel free to send them to me at vinny@bluemarbleresearch.com.

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