Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Beyond the Sound Bite: An Interview with Dr. Kent Moors

“If you think the run up to July 2008 was a wild ride, you haven’t seen anything yet.” So said this week's guest referring to the energy price run to record highs in 2008. In my interview with the professor of political science from Duquesne University and internationally recognized expert In global risk management, oil and natural gas policy and finance, cross-border capital flows, we explored his comprehensive approach to energy analysis and why he believes energy prices are in for an even more dynamically volatile period ahead.

Dr. Moors is also president of ASIDA (an international consulting firm specializing in former Soviet, Caspian, and other developing markets) as well as Executive Managing Partner of Risk Management Associates, International, a full service global management consulting and executive training firm.

The length of the interview is 19 minutes 12 seconds.

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