Monday, September 27, 2010

Media appearance on Bloomberg radio "Taking Stock with Pimm Fox"

Media appearance today on Bloomberg radio program "Taking Stock with Pimm Fox" at 4 PM (eastern).

Prospective talking points:

* There may be an enthusiasm gap in politics but there is certainly not one in the equity markets.
* The September relief rally has morphed into a more confidently bullish mode lifting valuation models well into overvalued territory.
* At to above average P/Es are now embedded in the data.
* Is the current environment average, which therefore justifies an average P/E of 15?
* Do the valuation math:
o current S&P 500 price: 1147
o required return: 11%
o future price (12 months ahead): 1273
o optimistic expected earnings (next 12 months): $86
o future price (1273) divided by exp. earnings ($86) = 15 P/E

Also, re enthusiasm - Cash levels at stock mutual funds are now at their lowest levels in decades. (see accompanying chart - click image to enlarge)

Plus market technicals - internal divergences have begun, no external divergences thus far.
Last time internal divergences occurred (early August), stocks dropped 8%.

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