Tuesday, April 12, 2011

A Head and Shoulders Bottom?

If you have read any of my technical analysis work over the past years, you know that I am not a pattern recognition guy. However, there are times when one can't help but notice the emerging pattern involving long term interest rates. Specifically, the head and shoulders bottom that appears to be forming in the 10 year US Treasury (see accompanying charts).

When you add into the equation the following recent comment in an Economist article - "Since mid-November America’s Treasury has issued some $589 billion in extra long-term debt, of which the Fed has bought $514 billion." - it is hard not to conclude that once QE2 ends and the Fed stops buying long term Treasuries that a major demand factor will be removed from the mix.

The obvious equity market impact of rising rates is in valuation models, which will note that the cost of capital has just gone up thereby making equities less attractive. Could this explain why stocks have recently traded sideways?

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