Friday, March 15, 2013

Media Appearances today: Bloomberg Radio and BNN TV

Since yesterday was Pi day (3/14), the operative feature for today's media appearances are the numbers 8, 0, 3, and 2.

* 8 as in the 8 events that I produced and conducted with 8 different CFA societies in 8 different cities over an 8 week span.
* 0 as in what happens when an economy slips into recession in a zero bound interest rate 0 appetite for fiscal debt environment. Depression, anyone?
* 3 as in the 3 primary forces that move markets and why there is no disconnect between the real economy and the financial markets. Or, why this isn't your grandfather's stock market anymore.
* 2 as in the importance of US real GDP growth at the 2% level.

Note: For the Bloomberg radio segment, Don Rissmiller, Chief Economist with Strategas Research Partners is on the program.

To listen to the Bloomberg radio segment live, click here!

To view the BNN TV segment (when posted), click here!

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