Monday, November 5, 2007

Living with Angst. Exploiting the Fear.

excerpts from this week's report:
"Halloween may have passed but when it comes to credit derivatives and the like it is the tricks and not the treats that keep on coming for investors.

The black hole that is credit derivatives continues to haunt the slowly awakened investor masses. And there remains much in the murkiness of the less-than-full disclosure world of the hundreds of trillions of dollars of leverage upon leverage debt. Moreover, collateralization and securitization combined with leverage upon leverage ensures that more shoes will likely drop before we are safely out of the woods. As noted many months ago, “it is unwise bordering on imprudent to assume that terrible will not follow bad.”

So, why am I recommending that investors not only hold onto their positions but begin to step back into the market and selectively add to key positions? In a phrase, it ain’t over ‘til it’s over.

The positive offsets to all this credit-derived pain are threefold:..."

"Model Growth Portfolio Results

What a week!

Thanks to the underweight in Financials and Consumer Discretionary along with the Gold, the MGP produced one of its best all-time weekly relative performance results of 63 basis points and, in the process, has pushed up the year to date alpha to 223 basis points (see report)..."

also in this week's report:

* Valuation Model
* Model Growth Portfolio
* Investor Sentiment Data
* Chart Focus: Productivity and Unit Labor Costs
* Sectors and Styles Market Monitor
* Key Economic Indicators

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