Monday, December 3, 2007

The Enduring Bull Market

excerpts from this week's report:

“Quite a few people have been asking lately why on earth the equity market is so high, but I make no apology for joining them. If the Dow can rise 540 points in two days - as it did last week - something rather odd is going on.”

So writes Tony Jackson in today’s FT commentary, “Glum conclusion is equity investors are still in denial”. And herein lies the problem with viewing the equity markets solely through the prism of the real economy.

For while nearly all the references in Mr. Jackson’s commentary today cannot be disputed, one can be correct in factors pertaining to the real economy yet wrong when factors pertaining to the financial economy (the markets) are at odds with or offsetting the real economy issues noted.

Yes, there are ample reasons to be concerned re the credit crunch. Yes, there are many causes for concern re the credit crunch and its potential effect on emerging markets and the damage that can be done to the decoupling argument. And, yes, the markets may be foolish to be “starting to price in a return to more normal profitability after a long and exceptional bonanza.”

All true, all logical, and all flawed if one chooses to ignore the counterbalancing factors of valuation, equity market liquidity (as in the hands of hedge funds and private equity players), and the conditions favorable for decoupling.

Moreover, while fundamentally oriented investors may choose to, I believe that ignoring the technical analysis factors is done at one’s own financial peril.

Here are a few comments on each of the positive points noted..."

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