Wednesday, February 4, 2009

In Case You Hadn’t Noticed.

Here are few items that have been noted on this blog and in Blue Marble Research reports:

The Slow Thaw

3 month LIBOR 1.24
3 month US Treasury rates 0.29%
TED Spread 0.95

NY Fed Commercial Paper Facility: Today 1.24%; Jan. 14 1.16%

At long last, Robert Rubin gets mark-to-market religion*

“I spent my whole life at Goldman Sachs believing in mark- to-market accounting, and having said that, if you look at the experience from the last two years, I think mark-to-market accounting has led to terrible vicious cycles in asset prices…”

Japan Slams Buy America Plan**
FT today

FYI - Last time I checked, Japan was a big buyer of US debt obligations.


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