Friday, February 13, 2009

Quotable Quotes: I Now Pronounce You Vinny and Larry

Someone over at CNBC may have taken a shine to my Minyanville commentary yesterday (see below) as its main point - amortizing the losses - found its way into one of its programs.

Last evening, on CNBC's "Kudlow Report", Larry and his three guests discussed the TARP with two moments that readers of this blog will find particularly interesting. Five minutes and forty-five seconds into the interview, the infamous mark-to-market took its deserved beating as all three guests and Larry advocated against it. But then a few seconds later, Larry makes a statement that readers of yesterday's Minyanville posting will find familiar - "...amortize the losses...".

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. And while love may be fleeting, you gotta feel the karma. Now, if only Secretary Geithner would get the karma (like his predecessor Robert Rubin recently did) and help the US and world economy by helping to put an end to the madness of fair value based on mark-to-market accounting rules.

To view the segment, click here*

Have a good weekend.

*If the video does not load immediately, go to and search the word Kudlow. The segment choice will then show up.