Thursday, May 14, 2009

Minyanvile article: Executive Pay Caps - Be Careful What You Wish For

excerpt from this week's article: "By all accounts, the concerns expressed in my prior 2 Minyanville articles, Bulls Out of Momentum and Advice for Stressed-Out Bears, as well as several recent blog postings, appear to be working out. Stocks -- fully valued with suspect technical-analysis credentials -- have stalled, and are likely headed toward a range-bound summer, with winners and losers producing a zero-sum period of returns.

If this comes to pass, the decision on what to do over the next few months, how to exploit a mini range-bound/sideways market, becomes a priority for actively managed portfolios. On this matter, I'll have some ideas in next week’s article. What I want to touch on now is something that has far more serious consequences for the market: regulatory overreach by the US government. More specifically, the current attempts by congressional Democrats to dictate pay policy for financial-service firms.

I get this argument, which focuses on the systemic risk posed by..."

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