Friday, July 29, 2011

Pulling the Social Security Plug on Grandma: The BGOV Interactive Tool

How would you like the chance to play US Treasury Secretary and President of the United States and decide who gets paid and who doesn't? Well, thanks to BGOV's interactive tool you can.

Next Tuesday is D (default) day. On the assumption that Obama will not invoke the 14th amendment (he won't) and that the tea partyers in the House won't relent (anarchists of the world unite!), the US Treasury will have to start the process of prioritizing its payments for the month of August.

According to BGOV, the US government bills due for August are $306.7B. The revenues projected are $143.9B. To avoid a technical default, the interest payments are $29B. That doesn't leave a lot of bread for everything else (pulling the social security plug on grandma?).

Speaking of bread: According to the Bible, Jesus had to turn a few fish and loafs of bread into enough food to feed the multitudes who had gathered. The task set before the US Treasury and Obama are the modern day version. (After all, he is The One!)

To access the BGOV interactive tool, click here.

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