Wednesday, July 27, 2011

President Hillary Clinton

Given the near certainty that in the short run the new economic philosophy being adopted by most western economies, Expansionary Austerity, will result in a major economic contraction, there very likely will come a time in the not too distant future when enough US voters in 2012 will turn to someone else to help rescue the US (and, therefore, global) economy. In this regard, two names come to mind: Michael Bloomberg and Hillary Clinton.

Both have the business credentials to help the troubled economic climate ahead. Mayor Mike, for all the obvious reasons (turning $10 million into $10 billion speaks for itself). And Hillary because of the economic success of the Clinton years. Of the two, the edge has got to go to Mrs. Clinton.

Hillary Clinton has the tenacity and, now, the individual track record to mount a formidable attack on the President Gandhi. And when Bill Clinton injected himself into the recent debt ceiling fiasco by stating that he would invoke the 14th amendment and make the courts stop him (as opposed to President Gandhi, who relies on lawyers and experts to guide him virtually every step of the way), he showed what leadership looks like (a quality sorely lacking in the White House these days).

Consider it: Hillary in the White House and Bill at Treasury. One with the diplomatic and legislative bona fides, the other with strong economic credentials. A real two-fer, if there ever was one.

Obviously, there are many obstacles that stand in the way of a second Clinton presidency, most notably getting the nomination. But there may come a point over the next 6 months when fear rises to such a level that the unthinkable today becomes the best course of action. And at such a point, a draft movement would be all the impetus needed to start the process.

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Craig said...

Anything is preferable to what we now enduring.